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As an actor, Chazz always striving to find the truth and humanity within each role he takes on. Whether it’s a charismatic heartthrob or an emotionally conflicted hero or villain, he puts his heart and soul into bringing the character to life. Every role is an opportunity to learn something new about life and the world around. Through the years of experience in both theatre and film, he has developed a vast array of skills and techniques to fully embody each unique character.

The Perfect Line

The Perfect Line written & directed by Caitlyn McConnell. Produced by Caitlyn McConnell & Christopher Kosakowski.


Coke written & directed by Muer Huang. Produced by Lulu Chen.


Verdugo directed by Chazz Padilla. Written by Marissa Alaniz. Produced by Chazz Padilla & Marissa Alaniz.


Dreamcatcher written & directed by Caroline Gulledge. Produced by Caroline Gulledge, Kyara Olivos, and Christine Parshall.


CUBE written & directed by M Washburn.

All In

All In written & directed by Islam Gimanov. Produced by Islam Gimanov & Doruk Ozgul.

After Murder

After Murder written & directed by Xingrui Chen.

Crazy in Love

Crazy in Love written & directed by Sean Sanchez.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost directed by Daniel Como. Written by Daniel Como and Zhen Yu (Victor) Yao.

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