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Red Chairs

Fritz Ertl

Director, Professor NYU Tisch

Exceptionally talented young theatre maker, and is the most accomplished director
in his cohort.

Talented, generous, graced with quiet leadership.


His imagination is innately theatrical, and he creates emotional experiences in three-dimensional space with great facility.


Mia Rovegno
Directing Faculty, NYU Tisch

"During his work on Spring Awakening, Chazz engaged with rigorous dramaturgical work that was both personal and creatively challenging to both his design team and cast. Chazz’s directorial vision took the creative risk of pursuing a conceptualization that expanded the naturalistic text into a stylized, abstract framework, asking for a heightened playworld executed through integrated multimedia design. The resulting production was a careful and curious investigation into how projection design, language, original music and staging could coalesce in service of this concept...Chazz was adaptable and inquisitive,
maintaining open communication with his cast as he implemented new approaches to both staging and design.

"Chazz always valued the opinions of his mentors and peers, seeking a proficiency for both himself and his fellow artists that could generate the strongest possible creative work."

"Chazz has an incredible intuition for world
building, and can stage spectacle much more effectively than any of his peers."

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