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Height: 5"11   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Dirty Blond



BFA in Drama with focus in Directing at Tisch School of The Arts - New York University -  2020

Playwrights Horizons Theatre School

ACTING: Jedadiah Schultz, DJ Mendel, Nedra Marie Taylor, Stacey Linnartz, Brian McManamon.

SCREEN ACTING: Shelley Calene-Black, Gil Zabarsky, Jen McCabe, Cormac Bluestone.

VOCAL PERFORMANCE: Jack Eppler, Salty Brine, Kris Kukul, Kacie Sheik.

MOVEMENT: nicHi douglas, Dan Safer, Aeon Andreas.

MODELING: Neal Hamil Centre.



Paradise Lost (Feature)                            Evan (lead)                                   Daniel Como

An Illiad                                              The Poet                                       Jedadiah Schultz

Heathers The Musical                             Ram Sweeney                                Logan Vaden
Bus Stop                                              Dr. Gerald Lyman                           Tina Domino
Wit                                                     Dr. Harvey Kelekian/Mr. Bearing      Adam Henjum
The Taming of The Shrew                        Petruchio                                       Jason Bradshaw
Next to Normal                                     Dan Goodman                               Eboni Bell
Little Shop of Horrors                             Audrey II                                       Scarlett Czarnopis
Beauty and The Beast                             Gaston                                         Andrea Luyties
Little Women                                         Professor Bhaer                             Scarlett Czarnopis


Bedroom (2022 music video)                   Reward Center Music                    Epiductions

Pet Rock (2022)                                     Kelsey Sullivan                            Imaginarium Theatre Company

Mold (2021)                                         Kiara Evenoire                             Open Hydrant Theatre Company

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2020)            Char Nakashima-Conway              Playwrights Horizons Downtown

                                                              & Chazz Padilla                       

Spring Awakening (2019)                       Anya Reiss                                  Playwrights Horizons Downtown Gloria (2019)                                       Branden Jacobs Jenkins                  Playwrights Horizons Downtown
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (2018)       Adapted by Chazz Padilla              Playwrights Horizons Downtown
Whistle (2018 workshop)                        Chazz Padilla                              Playwrights Horizons Downtown
Eurydice (2018)                                    Sarah Ruhl                                   Playwrights Horizons Downtown
Macbeth (2017)                                    William Shakespeare                     Playwrights Horizons Downtown
Glengarry Glen Ross (2017)                    David Mamet                               Pl
aywrights Horizons Downtown
Short Stories                                         Tennessee Williams                       Playwrights Horizons Downtown
Doubt. (short film)                                  Chazz Padilla                              Epiductions
Disconnected (short film)                         Chazz Padilla                              Epiductions


Special Skills

Vocal performance (bass, baritone, tenor, countertenor), dance (tap, jazz, hip‐hop, ballroom, contact improv), piano, guitar (acoustic/electric), ocarina, bass guitar, drums (acoustic and electric), sight reading, songwriting, improv, can touch nose with tongue, comfortable with nudity, Adobe Creative Suite, screenwriting, playwriting, directing (film and stage), accents and dialects (Irish, RP, Southern), voice imitations and characterizations, driver’s license (Class C), modeling (print and runway), pantomime, stage combat and falls, transcendental meditation.

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