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Creating works that engulf audiences and transform expressionism into a multi-sensory experience of new fantasies and distorted realities whether it be in a shared physical space or a virtual one spanning across the world. Our audience will be scared about the emotions they feel in reaction to the work we do and curiously willing to explore what that means for them. I want the audience to synchronize and perceive their realities in new ways that cause them to challenge their own perspectives without us telling them how they should feel or what they should believe.



Notebook and Fountain Pen



"New works are what I gravitate towards because they are vulnerable and ever changing in the process.The freedom for collaborative creation is expansive with the presence of writer in the room. When I work as a writer, I freeze my scripts as soon as possible after intense workshopping between drafts with the cast and creative team. I do this no later than a third of the way through the process leading to production. Directing through challenges is much more exciting to me than writing away from them. I’m interested in changing form and amplifying the textual themes by drawing new questions based on how they can be presented and perceived. Specificity through worldbuilding is something I do intuitively, so I am able to radically shift art styles between drafts of plays and productions in order to discover new ideas and elements every time I revisit a piece. " ~ Chazz Padilla

PROJECT: Scott Pilgrim Us V The World

"Looking back on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, I felt like I achieved my personal goals despite the circumstances, and I felt fulfilled with the work I did with everyone involved. My top 5 personal goals with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World were to personalize ownership between myself and the company over an already-existing work, learn how to fight against the preconceptions that come from audiences with the source material while also weaponizing those notions, be in the moment with the impending doom of graduation looming over my every waking breath, productively manage when to take time off for myself and the company, identify when to best put on a hat, finish a hat, put away a hat, or abort/obliterate a hat."


Bass Guitar Strings


Nevermore - Chazz Padilla
Scary Solitary - Chazz Padilla
Forevermore - Chazz Padilla


Through his emotional lyrics and melodic compositions, Chazz is one's of today most brilliant songwriters. He is a gifted storyteller through poetic lyrics, incredible arrangements, and memorable chord progressions. 

"Nevermore" written for the suicide scene in Chazz's adaptation of Spring Awakening

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